Sunday, August 10, 2008

County politics lead Sunday's report

County reporter Nick Azzara gave readers a preview of the county commissioners' races today, on the eve of early voting in Manatee County. Here's the "nut graf" of Nick's reporting:

Four county commissioners find themselves in the political dogfight this month as they face six reform-minded challengers from their own party determined to put an end to the incumbents' combined 42 years of experience.

It's not exactly a good year to be an incumbent in Florida.

Page 1 editor Jason Bartolone captured that essence in the headline, "Tough Times, Tough Races". This is the first time in at least several years that the political balance of our county's governing board could change significantly. The county's key developers realize that, lining up financially behind their various candidates. Voters' interest in this race should be just as pitched, and Azzara is providing a thorough overview of each candidate's positions. He offers far more detail here online. And he will watch for any developments and bring them to you instantly on, with a followup report in the Herald.


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