Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fay kept us busy; check out today's photos

We're breathing a sigh of relief that Fay appears to be a non-event for the Tampa Bay area (and knocking on wood that we aren't jinxing ourselves). As with many businesses, the newsroom had to gear up for the worst -- and hope for the best. That meant making sure reporters and photographers were positioned to cover the storm where it might hit -- and we were dizzy yesterday trying to follow the ever-changing tracking lines.

But reporter Robert Napper and photographer Brian Blanco were positioned well today, and you'll see some of the hardest-hit areas in this photo gallery. Napper and Blanco spent the night in the Naples area, and headed this morning to Everglades City on the advice of a trooper. Sure enough, the streets are flooded.

Every single member of the newsroom had a role in keeping the situation covered for the past 36 hours -- a true round-the-clock effort. It's tough to single anyone out for kudos, because everyone helped out in some way. Solid writing, editing, photographs, layout, video -- and online all the time. We'll keep you updated through the day, as with this just in: Back to school on Wednesday.


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