Thursday, April 2, 2009

Top NASDAQ, telephone stocks restored

We’re three days into the Business and Features changes we launched this week “in paper,” and we've heard from several dozen readers -- for the most part with constructive criticism and suggestions. You value your newspaper.

To that end, we’ve made some changes on the Markets/Stocks agate page, which was the source of 99 percent of your calls and e-mails. We’ve restored the top 250 NASDAQ listings -– and the little box that gives the telephone stocks.

My favorite call came from an 80-year-old snowbird who has been subscribing to the Herald for 28 years. Those telephone stocks are her morning caffeine, and without them, she’s lost.

Well, a good handful of you said the same. We know this is a smaller menu, but the compilation is a good daily dose of data that you can’t find in print locally elsewhere. And for the entire spectrum of market summaries, check this link to's report.

Keep in touch. We value your feedback.


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