Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our new blogsters, 70 years young

My column today certainly has a split personality. The first half is duty-bound, explaining some changes that start Tuesday in the packaging of the print edition of the Herald. We’re saving some newsprint (and some trees, I suppose) with these changes.

I enjoyed the second half far more. Meet our newest bloggers, Mary & Martha, The Traveling Twins. Mary Bender, a Bradenton Herald subscriber and Palmetto resident, and her twin sister, Martha Jansen, are celebrating their 70th birthday together by traveling through Europe for three months.

Throughout their travels, they're blogging, posting photos and sharing videos. Martha is also writing longer journals in her own blog, Armchair Travel With Martha.

I sent them links to their blogs on, and got this email on Saturday:

Thanks so much for posting our blogs.... we were both so excited to get your email this morning with the link to your web page. Will be interesting to see if you get any feedback on it. We forwarded your link to our blogspot readers so am sure that your site will get lots of hits today. We will both have lots to post from Rome when we get to our next town where we are suppose to have internet.
Mary & Martha
The Traveling Twins

And this morning, they warned:
Still no wi fi but we have gone to the internet shop and posted our blogs, no pictures, for the past couple
of days....

Think we can keep up with these two? Let's hope so!

-- Joan

Mary and Martha in the town of Goult, Provence, with the 15th-century windmill they discovered.

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Mary Jansen said...

Thank you for linking to my mom's blog. I've twittered the link. I plan to join my mom and my aunt Mary next week for Easter in Rome. I'm so proud of both of them. They are rock star bloggers!