Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We welcome readers' contributions

We are always hungry for our readers' contributions and feedback. Almost all of it helps make the Herald and better publications throughout the day.

Here's a great example from today's print edition. On Page 7D (and below on this blog entry), you'll find two fun photos from Lin Oakerson, promotions coordinator for Village of the Arts. She sent me a quick note over the weekend:
Hi Joan -
I was out enjoying the sites yesterday and came upon these gals in Palma Sola Bay exercising their beautiful horses. All were keeping cool on this hot July 4th weekend.

Hope you can use somewhere in The Bradenton Herald.

Another example was a reader's catch on an error Tuesday in Brian Neill's story on a surprising poll about the mood of the unemployed. John Predgen e-mailed me after noticing that we wrote that Katherine Robinson, a Bradenton resident, is writing a book on overcoming "diversity." Nope -- that would be adversity.

We corrected online here, and will publish a correction on Page 2A tomorrow.

-- Joan

Left to right: Rikki Besnier, Janine Saddler, Patti Long
Photo by: Lin Oakerson

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