Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On-time is not in a doctor's vocabulary

Grr. This is a selfish rant, but one that I'm sure most of you can identify with: My doctor was more than an hour late for my appointment this morning. He's a great doctor, but how do they get away with it??

If our newsroom's Universal Desk misses the first edition's 11:30 p.m. news close, or worse, goes past the 11:55 p.m. final edition deadline, there's heck to pay. And if we deliver the newspaper more than an hour late, subscribers light up the proverbial switchboard.

OK, enough ranting. We've got a noon deadline for changing out the display stories on

-- Joan

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Anonymous said...

too bad you can not charge the doctor for your time spent waiting. last year i left an appointment after 2 hours went by. they actually had the nerve to call and ask why i left their office.