Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Traveling Twins pay an in-person visit

I had a pleasant surprise this morning -- the Traveling Twins paid me a visit at the Herald. And they are just as energetic and engaging as they sound in their blog.

We realized that even though we've been in almost constant touch since they started blogging for us months ago, we had never actually met. But as I said in introducing them to you back in March, Mary Bender and Martha Jansen are definitely 70 years young.

When they started blogging for the Herald, they were traveling through Europe for their birthday. Since then, Martha has journaled in her Armchair Travel blog about other fantastic trips enjoyed by friends and family.

In the 20 minutes they spent here today, I heard about past and future travel plans that made me want to pack my bag to join them. The next adventure: Martha's journals from Ireland. And she also plans some whirlwind trips through Spain and Italy in 2010. Stay tuned in the weeks ahead.

-- Joan


Mary said...

After I left you a message on the phone I went back in and looked some more....Found it...This was great...thanks so much for including us in your blog. I read the regular Bradenton Herald each morning so had not been reading online recently. My neighbor spotted the article and told me about it. Was great meeting everyone on the Travel Floor. Hugs, Mary Bender

Martha said...

Hi Joan...thanks for the kind words...we also enjoyed our visit with you and your staff. I'm back in California now and our big Open House is on the 12th and then I'll get started on the Ireland Trip...will email you some details soon.