Saturday, July 24, 2010

The best line of the day

Herald reporter Tim Wolfrum captured today's best line -- and most inspiring -- in his story about Amputees Across America. The cross-country bicyclists were visiting HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Sarasota Friday on their way to Vero Beach, marking the end of a 3,500-mile journey from California.

In his article, Tim portrayed the cyclists' mission: to show other amputee patients that they can have a meaningful, active life after the dark days of rehabilitation.

A sense of humor, it seems, goes a long way. Tim saved that best line almost for last, offering us insight into cyclist Doc Milligan, who lost his leg to bone disease. The 63-year-old from Spring Hill, Fla., was on his second cross-country ride. And it seems he would have been on his third ride, but he had collided with a stray dog and broke his hip during training.

Doc later reconciled with the dog and adopted him.

“I didn’t get mad at him for breaking my hip,” Milligan said, “but I did get even. I had him neutered.”

Now, how can you not go out and do something wonderful today? Thanks, Tim, for capturing that moment.

-- Joan
Doc Milligan visits 39-year-old Robert Kent of Sarasota/photo by Herald photographer Paul Videla

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