Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never forget: 9/11 is our history

"... can you believe nine years since 9/11?"

In that simple e-mail, my friend captured the moment. "9/11" is a noun, an event, a day that shook us and changed us. How can we forget? Because we're human. And time heals. Or helps pain fade. Or just makes us numb.

The words "Never Forget" still reverberated through the memorials and observances that laced yesterday and today. But the crowds have thinned; the tears brush away more quickly; the shock of seeing a plane smash into a building has eased into history.

In our coverage of the "Tribute to Heroes" events, columnist/reporter Vin Mannix found many voices determined to honor the memories of those lost on 9/11, and their faces of resolve were captured in these photographs by Grant Jefferies and Paul Videla.

They need our help. Each of us needs to take a long moment today and remember -- and then resolve to hold our neighbor's hand, help someone in need, make a plan for tomorow. Nine years ago, we clung to that ability as we tried to make sense of the senseless. Time heals. Let's just not forget.

-- Joan


Anonymous said...

it is sad to say that is seems that people may remember but they don't care. i visited one of our local fire stations that has a memorial to 911 in front of their station and there were no flowers. i am the only one that left some flowers to remember those lost in the line of duty. it is really very sad.

Anonymous said...

People have no attention span.
They are interested only in eye candy, ipods,etc.
Floating around in a trance they will pay the big one one day.
We mustn't forget ever that what was done to us and the suffering that was endured and still is.
There is more to life than American Idol or Vampires on tv.

Greg said...

9-11 is American history.

But a bit short:
9-11 is part of the history of the Free World.
9-11 ist part of the history of the Christian Free World.

Coming from Germany
I must alert you:
It is not only AlQeida that is a threat!
All Islamists are dangerous,
highly dangerous.

They hide behind some fine Muslims -
but they are here,
and they are much more than you dare to think.

Europe knows,
you should know, too.