Saturday, April 12, 2008

Golden Herald candidates are all winners

This is always one of the most incredible days at the Bradenton Herald: the judging of Golden Herald candidates. As always, these kids are amazing. Each year, we come away recharged with a restored belief in our community’s young people.

The Golden Herald Awards are in their 31st year. The purpose: to honor and recognize outstanding high school seniors for their service to school and community. To date, more than 3,600 high school seniors from Manatee County have been honored.

In a great way, these are among the hardest decisions we make all year. Many of the volunteer judges are leaders throughout the community, and we thank them for their time to honor these students. We have both been judges for the past nine years, in the categories of journalism and music.

The categories include:
Computer science
English & literature
Foreign language
General scholarship
Social science
Speech & drama

The judges must select a winner and honorable mention recipient in each category, and they are announced at the awards ceremony on May 8. But trust us, every candidate is already a winner. Their lists of volunteerism and academic accomplishments are stunning. Our community is blessed.

Jim & Joan

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Anonymous said...

I brought my daughter in for her interview, and watched the other candidates wait for their turns. You're right -- this community is lucky to have such fine young citizens. Glad you're writing about them for a change instead of gangs. We commend you and the Herald for keeping this outstanding tradition -- you should hear how reverent the kids are about this opportunity.