Sunday, April 6, 2008

Join our community reporting staff

Pat Biddle says she’s the talk of the swimming pool this week in Horseshoe Cove Resort.

Helen Dault says she’s a community celebrity right now in River Isles — everybody wants her autograph.

Both were our debut stars of the Herald’s new community page: "Your Community. Your News." After we launched this feature last week, I talked with our first "community reporters" about the response to their stories being published in the Bradenton Herald.

That printed page will stand the test of time — for scrapbooks, bulletin boards, grandkids and a memorable moment of fame.

"Everybody wants my autograph! At least 50 people have told me they’re saving the article for me," Helen said incredulously. "It’s posted on the golf course and in the clubhouse — wow, it’s popular!"

And Pat giggled as she told me, "Oh, my goodness — what fun! It was fun to write . . . and it’s great fun to see everyone with the newspaper — and my story."

We want your help on all these features. Just about everyone loves to brag about their neighborhood, share the latest quirky story from their block or talk about what they want to improve. But how to put it in writing?

"Speak from your heart," advises Pat. She then confessed to a bit of writer’s envy after reading Helen’s account of River Isles: "I got a kick out of her humor — how come I didn’t think of that!"

Let us know what you think. Better yet, e-mail your community story ideas and photographs to

And you can submit your photos by posting them to Just go here, use the "Submit Your Media" button and give us as much information as possible, including a valid e-mail address.

We've already received stories from residents in a dozen communities. A couple common themes: They love the cohesive, intimate sense of belonging in their community. And the writers have all been women so far.

Come on, guys, don’t be intimidated by the power of the written word. We want to hear from you, too.



Anonymous said...

i'm married to one of those community reporters, and it's been a hoot with all the response we've gotten since her story ran!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the editors of the Bradenton Herald can give one good reason why the comic strip DOONSBURY is no longer carried in the paper? Political pressure?
Fear of offending some big mucky-mucks? Complete lack of a sense of Humor? Its a comic strip for heaven's sake. Loosen up a bit land enjoy life.

Herald Editors said...

We didn't drop Doonesbury -- Garry Trudeau took an extended vacation. He's expected back in plenty of time to weigh in on the election. See our earlier blog, on March 24 --