Sunday, April 13, 2008

Make way for Holy Molé

When Rick Hotton started scribbling on the paper place setting, I admit I had the urge to grab it away from him -- after having him autograph it. You never know when you might be having lunch with the world's next great cartoonist.

You probably don't know Hotton unless he taught you karate or, more recently, helped you solve math problems at Manatee Community College. The Sarasota native only recently began doodling figures and assembling ideas that somehow melded into the thoughtful strip, Holy Molé, which features a character far too adorable to be a mole.

It's even less likely that you're familiar with Holy Molé and a few of his charming buddies, including a Zen turtle named Kool Kat. The strip currently appears in exactly zero daily newspapers. (A panel does run in the Sarasota-based monthly health magazine "Positive Change.'') That didn't stop us from inviting Hotton to be a guest contributor to our daily Comics page. (I tell you more in today's "Letter from the Editor" in Sunday's Herald.)

Holy Molé debuts April 21 in the Herald. We know you'll let us know what you think of it.



Anonymous said...

I know you can't run 'em all, and we've enjoyed Prickly City. But a local artist? Looking forward to it (loved the image in Sunday's paper -- why not post online?).

The editors said...

We've created a link now from the blog to the sample cartoon.
The editors