Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weather watchers track their home towns

As the weather turns crisp, I'm reminded that our readers treasure some of the smallest pieces of information our newspaper provides. Our weather map, published on the back page of the front section every day, holds hundreds of these details. And whenever it changes, we hear about it.

That happened recently, but we didn't realize the provider had dropped some cities until we heard from readers. I got a dozen phone calls and emails such as these:

I have noticed in the last couple weeks that the cities of Ft. Wayne, Ind., and South Bend, Ind. have been omitted from the national weather contact list of cities. I look for those cities because I have family there and that's home area for me. Was just wondering why they are omitted.

Thanks for your time.
Merlyn D. Fish

And this, from Martha J. Watson:

This is to inquire as why you have removed the City of Peoria, IL from your National Forecasts listing. We have lived in Bradenton since 1994 and have always been able to check our hometown weather, but that particular listing has been deleted.

As a Bradenton Herald Subscriber for many years I am asking that you put Peoria back in your listings of cities under National Forecasts. It may not be a significant listing to the Herald weather staff, but it is to us and several of our friends who are from the Midwest.

Well, they're back -- and I received almost as many calls thanking us.

And though it may be sweatshirt weather here in Bradenton, our low is still warmer than all these cities' highs today. It's going to dip into the teens in Peoria tomorrow. You gotta love Florida!


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