Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What was it like at the polls? Sound off

The newsroom is always a great place to be on Election Night. Results are coming from so many sources now -- it's a race to see who has the most complete numbers first. The hum in here is invigorating -- just as it was at the polls Tuesday, with the banter and excited anticipation of historic change everywhere.

We want to continue tapping that energy. What were your experiences? You've posted some of them throughout the day. I noticed on one of our fellow McClatchy newspaper sites that they were capturing dozens of comments with one posting. I've borrowed the idea here for you to comment.

What was it like at the polling places today in Manatee County and beyond for this historic presidential election? How were the lines? Did you get the ballot you expected? What was the best comment you heard?

Sound off.

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