Sunday, December 28, 2008

A dog, a cat and Christmas miracles

Today's Bradenton Herald is filled with year-end flashbacks -- and what a year it has been. But with a few days left of 2008, I wanted to revisit a really bright spot from just last week. Reporter Donna Wright talked us into running a story on Delsie the cat and Rachael the dog -- the two animals holding the current records for the longest stay at the Humane Society of Manatee County.

Well, talk about a success story. The very next day, both animals were scooped up by loving new owners.

Here's the gracious "thank you" that Executive Director Denise Deisler sent Donna:
Rachael and Delsie went on to wonderful homes with their new families yesterday and so did record breaking numbers of equally deserving dogs and cats. There is absolutely nothing that could have made our staff and volunteers happier and I can’t thank you enough for the joy you have filled us with this holiday season. Both Delsie and Rachael’s adoptive families told us that they were not “in the market” for a new pet. It was the eloquently written article detailing Rachael and Delsie’s individual stories and the compelling photos that led each family to seek out the Humane Society and answer our Christmas prayers. I am profoundly touched by your kindness and I hope you will extend my heartfelt thanks to Tiffany, Robert and your editors too for their roles in making this Christmas miracle possible. I am deeply grateful that The Bradenton Herald has a heart and soul – our animals, our organization, and our community are very fortunate beneficiaries as a result!
Best Wishes for a happy holiday!

So give your pet a hug and a treat this Sunday morning. And if you're a bit lonely and need a furry best friend, check out the Humane Society. There's a little guy taking Delsie and Rachael's places.


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Anonymous said...

The Bradenton Herald has been a great advocate for animals and our community. We are fortunate to have a paper that understands what it means to be a community publication with a heart. Thank you!