Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's a special day in our home

I was at the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, another McClatchy newspaper, yesterday for an editors' meeting, so I first read reporter Robert Napper's story on coyotes online here. It remains one of the more heavily trafficked stories today on It's a fascinating issue, and comes very close to home.

Full disclosure: I, too, live in northwest Bradenton's Hawthorn Park and don't like sharing it with these coyotes. We've seen them circling right in the back of my house, and you can hear them all times of day -- not just at night. And I worry for the safety of my dog -- a little guy who thinks he's a ferocious bear when he needs to "protect" me. So we're being extremely careful, and the advice in Napper's report is helpful.

Another full disclosure about my puppy, Joey, and a reason to celebrate: Today is his 14th birthday, and we're taking a vacation day to commemorate.

Happy Birthday, Joseph Pulitzer Krauter!

-- Mom

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Anonymous said...

That is one spoiled dog!