Wednesday, December 17, 2008

State Farm canceled me -- and my agent

I got the sterile form letter several weeks ago: My homeowners insurance was being canceled.

It was an out-of-state notice from State Farm headquarters, and the "sincere apologies" added insult to injury. My family has been insured by State Farm since time began, it seems. Dad always used State Farm, and I've made my payments dutifully since I turned 16. All our car insurance, all our home insurance, all of our policies have been State Farm -- we didn't shop for bargains, we went with Old Reliable.

Well, whatever hurricane never arrived in Manatee County but posed a threat apparently changed that. As of Jan. 11, 2009, my home, like so many others, won't be covered by State Farm.

So I grumped my way over yesterday to my still-reliable State Farm agent -- I selfishly think Wayne Scroggins is the best in Tampa Bay. Imagine my surprise when I learned that the Scroggins had lost their home insurance -- and he's been working for State Farm for four decades.

We've signed up with Citizens Insurance, and actually will save a sizable amount. So the glass is half full, right?


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tshelmer said...

My husband and I have been with State Farm like, forever, as well. One claim for hail damage, (less than 1500.00) and we too received the 'cancellation' letter. It sickens me that we have dutifully paid them every month for homeowners, prior to that renters, and auto coverage for all these years, yet when a single small dollar amount claim is filed they cut us off. I think there should be some protection for the consumer against this blatant thievery! I will be calling Citizens Insurance as well. Thanks for the information, just wish I had seen it earlier