Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Curious tips often turn into stories

One of my first calls this morning was from our CFO, Greg Curling.

"Joan, you told me to call no matter how wacky it seems," he started out. Indeed, I have -- and the same goes to our readers and neighbors. If you see news happening, or have a tip you think might make a good story, you should contact us.

Greg's call has turned into an interesting story. He had passed a school bus pulled over on State Road 64, surrounded by police cars. Reporter Robert Napper started making calls, and found out that the driver, on his way to Lakewood Ranch High School with a busload full of students, pulled over after more than a dozen of his young passengers became so unruly that their safety was in question.

We'll have more on this story in Thursday's Herald. And if you have news, you can e-mail me, Metro Editor Marc Masferrer, East Manatee Editor Jim Jones, or any of the editors or reporters on staff. Or call our news hotline at 941-745-7000.


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Anonymous said...

How about following up on the major accidents on area roadways just for starters? Last month, 75th Street, some guy playing bumper cars with the car in front of him, then passed, going the wrong way and head-on collision ensued. What happened to that guy? Witnesses have not even been called!