Sunday, January 18, 2009

Herald has special editions for Oback inaugural

As millions of people descend on Washington, D.C., for Barack Obama's inauguration Tuesday, we plan to bring you full coverage here at home in Manatee County. Many of our neighbors are among those millions, and we've been talking with them for the past week about their plans and hopes in stories such as Vin Mannix's on Jeanette Kelly, a remarkable humanitarian and retired teacherr.

In today's editions, reporter Sylvia Lim talked with more local travelers about their aspirations to witness this inauguration. Said the Rev. Lawrence Livingston, “This is history-making for America,” he said. “It’s good to be a part of history.”

To commemorate this historic event, the Bradenton Herald will include a special section in Tuesday's editions: Transfer of Power: The inauguration of Barack Obama.
The section includes an historic look at all U.S. presidential inaugurations; offers a glimpse at this week's pomp and circumstance; captures local leaders' hopes for the future; and walks you through the nation's Capital.

Here on, we will offer you live updates throughout the inaugural ceremonies, with all coverage captured at this link. You also can find McClatchy's Guide to the Inaugural here, with coverage from our Washington bureau and reporters from around the country.

And in the Jan. 21 edition, the Herald's keepsake recording that history, we will offer a full-color poster documenting the moment power is transferred and a new era has begun. That will wrap pages packed with events throughout the day.



Anonymous said...

let's call this now and forever Obama Day!

Anonymous said...

Sharp, stunning newspapers Tuesday and Wednesday. But we almost missed your Obama coverage today. Don't underestimate the joy and hope this event has spread across our country.