Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sports staff introduces our first podcast

Sports editor Kamon Simpson and reporter/columnist Roger Mooney live to talk sports, so launching a podcast proved a natural for them. They and the rest of our sports staff -- and probably some of the avid sports lovers throughout the newsroom -- plan to talk all things sports every Wednesday in "Leading Off."

In this week's podcast, they expound on the Cardinals and Steelers as they make their way to Tampa for the Super Bowl; the Bucs' surprising announcement on replacing Jon Gruden with Raheem Morris; and the Tampa Bay Rays preparing for spring training in Port Charlotte.

-- Joan

A footnote: If you know Jackie Luper, our vice president of interactive media, you know that she talks fast enough to break the sound barrier. So you won't recognize that polished radio voice introducing the first "Leading Off" -- yep, that's Jackie!

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