Sunday, August 2, 2009

Take a break from budget consternations

My column this morning praises the work of Charles Clapsaddle, METV station manager, and gives him credit for the non-profit's success. Education reporter Natalie Alund wrote a short feature in Saturday's editions on the station's move last week into its new facilities in school district property.

There are some commenters on her story (and probably soon on my column) chastising us for not examining the station's costs. As the county examines its budget, Clapsaddle fears cuts just like the rest of us in this tough economic climate. The Herald's reporters will examine METV's allocations along with the rest of county expenditures.

As to whether documenting community affairs, covering local government meetings, making documentaries for Bradenton and Manatee County and so on is wise use of our taxpayers' dollars -- we believe so, and work alongside METV. That doesn't mean we won't ask questions.

-- Joan

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