Sunday, August 9, 2009

Changing newspaper's sections, not the content

"More changes... we know you're looking for savings. Thanks for telling us where to find our favorites.

"And don't kill my Faith!"

Now that's a tall order from a loyal Herald reader! Actually, it was the only direct response I received to some reconfigurations in the Bradenton Herald's Saturday print edition. We began anchoring the popular local "Faith & Values" feature on the Local cover, with Billy Graham, the church directory and the "Faith Matters" column by local clergy leaders inside. And those addictive comics & puzzles pages moved back into Sports on Saturdays.

The changes save several pages of newsprint without losing any features. Similar changes will be introduced on Monday, when we package the Herald into two sections:

The A section will still feature Nation/World coverage, and will now include all the Local and Investing in Business pages.

The B section will offer Sports, Classified, Comics and puzzles. Mix in the advice column, movie times and the TV schedule, and we think that's still a bargain for a couple quarters.

-- Joan

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