Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sunday TV book will become optional

Starting this Sunday, home-delivery subscribers need to sign up to keep getting TVPlus, the Herald's Sunday TV book. We've advertised the change on the TVPlus cover for a few weeks, and in "house ads" throughout the Herald each day.

Just in case you've missed those, you can keep the TV book coming by signing up through this link, or you can call 1-800-748-6666 and press option 6.

Based on the calls we get when the TV book changes, a lot of our readers still love having a weekly TV schedule in print. But many of us have lost that habit over time, as cable added hundreds of channels and the scrolling guide provided on the screen became far more convenient. I was one of those diehard TV book users, swearing I'd never give it up. Well, I humbly admit, I only look at our book now to answer readers' queries.

TVPlus will still be included in single-copy editions in the racks and stores. Let us know if you want it at home on Sundays.

-- Joan

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