Monday, April 12, 2010

Feel-good story tops's list

We had a pleasant surprise this morning in checking the online traffic for The top story on Sunday was extraordinarily atypical as traffic drivers go: It was the non-crime simple feel-good story announcing the winners of the Bradenton Herald's Easter egg hunt.

With the headline "Egg hunting pays off with trip to Disney," reporter January Holmes wrote about this year's winners. The smiling faces of 6-year-old Eric, 3-year-old Caitlynn and 2-year-old Chloe Beavers, and of 7-year-old Kali Kuntz will make your day.

The Beavers' mom, Christine, says they've entered for three years. If only you could bottle their healthy ecstacy in learning they were going to Disney. And Kali greeted her news by making sure we knew she plans to take her mom, dad and brother along.

We bent the "random winners" rule just a tad by adding a "most-creative bonus" this year for Destiny Wade's entry. Her egg carton is art with a heart.

-- Joan

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