Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to contact your state legislators

Florida clerks of circuit courts are warning that a proposed $23 million slash in their state funding will have dire effects on the judicial system, as outlined in today's story by East Manatee Editor Jim Jones.

Chips Shore, Manatee County clerk of circuit, wrote an impassioned letter to the Bradenton Herald, beseeching legislators to reconsider. He closed the letter asking the public to contact members of the Manatee County legislative delegation and express their concerns about the proposed cuts. Our story reported that -- but we didn't supply the contact numbers to make it easier for you. And several of our readers have pointed that out already this morning.

Here's their contact information (which often is published on the editorial page). And the list is attached to the story online now.

State legislators
Sen. Mike Bennett, 21st Senatorial District, Republican, (941) 727-6349; bennett.mike.web@flsenate.gov

Rep. Ron Reagan, District 67, Republican, (941) 727-6447, ron.reagan@myfloridahouse.gov

Rep. Bill Galvano, District 68, Republican, (941) 708-4968, bill.galvano@myfloridahouse.gov

Rep. Keith Fitzgerald, District 69, Democrat, (941) 955-8077, keith.fitzgerald@myfloridahouse.gov

Sen. Arthenia Joyner, 18th Senatorial District, Democrat, (813) 233-4277, joyner.arthenia.web@flsenate.gov

Sen. Nancy Detert, 23rd Senatorial District, Republican, (941) 480-3547, detert.nancy.web@flsenate.gov

Rep. Darryl Rouson, District 55, Democrat, (941)708-8570, darryl.rouson@myfloridahouse.gov

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