Sunday, October 12, 2008

Early voters seek early coverage

We've heard from a growing number of readers in recent days who are clamoring for information about the six proposed amendments that are on November's ballot. Their calls and letters may signify a trend that more citizens are voting early. They want to be informed as they cast their votes, and they don't want to stand in the traditional lines on Election Day.

And they're turning to their local newspaper for that information. The prominent races tend to get plenty of coverage, both online, in print, on TV and radio. It's encouraging that voters are looking at the entire ballot, because some of these changes to our state's Constitution can have longer-lasting effects on our lives than any single candidate.

In today's editions, reporter Nick Azzara took a look at the controversy surrounding the proposed Amendment 2. That initiative would make gay marriage unconstitutional in the state of Florida. As Nick's story points out, proponents believe this issue shouldn't be decided in the courts and belongs in the constitution. Opponents say individual rights should not be threatened by such a measure, and they warn that the amendment might affect far more than gay couples' rights.

It appears voters will decide this by early November. However you decide to vote, please make an educated choice -- not just an emotional one.


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