Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's a Bay News 9 moment

Talk about multi-tasking for multimedia results!

Several of us were discussing new laptops in my office today, and in the background my TV was tuned into Bay News 9's noon report. Suddenly our business editor's voice joined the conversation -- as TV broadcaster/biz editor Jennifer Rich. Funny how TV can give you instant fame!

She was only steps away, sitting in front of the camera we have installed in our newsroom for "talkbacks" with Bay News 9, our TV partner. But we gathered around the TV, cheering her on as if she was miles away. She's been a regular this week, representing the Herald as Bay News 9 reports on the economic meltdown, in its "Watching Your Money" series.

One phenomenon Jennifer discussed was reporter Grace Gagliano's story today on pawn shops and how much business has increased. People are pawning their jewelry so they can afford medicine and gasoline -- it's that desperate.

Stay tuned -- here, on TV and in print -- for your news.


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