Wednesday, October 29, 2008

There's always next year, Rays

“And the tying run is on.”

Joe Buck, son of the venerable St. Louis Cardinals announcer Jack Buck, said the magic words just minutes ago as the Tampa Bay Rays launched their last challenge tonight in the top of the ninth inning. Much too soon, Buck declared, “Phillies are World champions!”

After nasty weather Monday night had delayed the last 3½ innings of this game, Herald reporter Roger Mooney started his blog tonight with:
The only difference is the first 5½ innings are in the books and the score is tied 2-2. With just 3 ½ innings left, there is a strong possibility the team that scores first wins.

His were betting words.

We'll have full coverage in Thursday's Bradenton/LWR Herald, and here tonight on

In cheering for the Rays, my St. Louis Cardinals loyalties weren’t challenged in the least for this series. I am loyal to my Cards to a fault. But I wanted our hometown Rays to win so badly, and their run was exhilarating.

As my Dad would be saying, “There’s always next year.”


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