Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Newsroom welcomes new computers

Our biggest news in the newsroom today: We have a new computer system! You wouldn't believe how long we've waited for this day.

It's not without its glitches, which is one reason I'm blogging on this. We're relearning every step of production, and there are hundreds. That's no excuse for the mistakes you noticed in the paper today (Ronald Reagan is not Bill Galvano, despite our tagline; John Folds was sentenced in the DUI case, and has only one spelling of his last name), but it contributed.

As we learn our new system -- Saxotech -- it will give us more time each day to focus on production details, both in-print and online. Our old computer system was literally not a member of this century. We plan to have a smashing goodbye party in the very near future!


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