Friday, March 6, 2009

Join our economic stimulus panel

What’s your Plan B?

If anyone reading this blog says they haven’t been asked that question, your nose would make Pinocchio proud.

On the other hand, the choices are anorexic for most people. Business reporter Brian Neill touches on one of the more visible signs of that in his story today. As I drive down Manatee Avenue every morning, some brave soul is out there, dressed in an inverted wedgie, trying to lure us into getting our taxes done before the world collapses, buying the latest greatest sub so we don’t starve, putting our hard-earned cash into a safe haven so we don’t lose it all in the financial collapse…

I don’t mean to discredit entrepreneurism or instant gratification. The sign boards probably satisfy both. But maybe we need to work harder to stem the panic, to find long-term solutions, to get behind much-needed change in this community.

Along with Business Editor Jennifer Rich, I’m going to be calling business leaders in the coming days to form an economic stimulus panel led by the Herald. Let’s figure out how best to capture this opportunity and emerge from this crisis as a better community.


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